Owen Park




Owen Park Number: Position: #16


DOB / Place: Mar. 23, 2003 – Winnipeg MB
Height: 5’8 Weight: 125 lbs
Shot/Glove hand: L Academic Program (IB/FI/Regular): Gr. 11 FI
Last Year Team: Miles Mac Buckeyes
Highlights: Owen is in his second season with the Buckeyes and continues to develop into one of the team’s most valuable players. He is noteworthy for being very coachable and picks up on systems and tactics very easily. Building on the hard work of his rookie year he has added some speed and size and is now regularly one of the toughest Buckeyes on the ice, tasked with shutting down opposing threats and killing penalties. Leads the team in shot blocks.

In his spare time he likes to train and run in marathons and does lots of travelling with his family.


WHSHL Page: Click HERE
MMC Stats: Click HERE

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