MMC Garden

The Miles Mac garden was established by the Student ESD Club in October of 2016.  It was initially the idea of Jared Nicholas and Garrett Graham and was a top ten project in the Caring for Our Watersheds competition in 2015.  We would like to thank Oak Hammock Marsh, Agrium, Qualico, Star Building, Reimer Soils, and Taiga Building for their generous contributions to the creation and maintenance of this space. Miles Mac ESD continues to think of new ways to use this space as a learning tool and for some fun!

In 2017 we donated most of our harvest to Siloam Mission.  Some of the produce was used by Ms. B’s Foods and Nutrition class.

Garden Construction and Landscaping – Mr. Riley

Garden Maintenance – Mr. Fritzsche and ESD Student Group

Pictures from our June 2017 expansion project and summer maintenance and harvest.

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