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History 42S IB 2021-2022

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Cornell Notes Tutorial

IB History Essay Rubric


Historical Analysis and Interpretation

Writing Essays – IB Tips

Thesis / Essay Writing PPT

Historical Investigation (Internal Assessment)

  • Students must propose a research question via email by the end of Dec 22, 2021. I will get back to you with an approval or some feedback on how to make it better.
  • The first draft of the historical investigation is due on Jan. 21, 2022
  • The final draft of the historical investigation is due on Feb. 7, 2022

Historical Investigation Instructions – from the IB

Oxford Textbook IA Guide

IB Historical Investigation Rubric

Historical Investigation Initial Planning Form

Research Notes Template Editable

Chicago Citation Guide

Guide to Part A and Part C Historical Investigation

Values and Limitations of types of sources

IA Weebly – A really informative website on how to do the IA


IB Exams (May 2021)

Exam Guide / Practice Questions for each paper

November 2019 Exam Papers and Markschemes

November 2020 Exam Papers

Exam Prep Sessions – Recordings

Monday – Imperial Russia, Revolution, and the Establishment of the Soviet Union 1855-1924 (Paper 3)

Tuesday – French Revolution and Napoleon 1774-1815 (Paper 3)

Wednesday – Authoritarian States (Paper 2)

Thursday – Move to Global War (Paper 1)


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