Extended Essay & CAS

May 2023 Session

Updated on Feb. 21, 2023

This page is for IB Diploma students working on CAS and their Extended Essay.

The extended essay is a 4000 word work of academic scholarship.  Students have the opportunity to develop a research question from a topic of personal interest and work with a mentor supervisor.  At the end of the process, students will reflect on what they learned about planning, research, and composition of a university level paper.  Miles Mac students begin the process in their grade 11 year and complete it in their grade 12 year.

CAS is an opportunity to explore areas of interest in the realms of creativity, activity, and service not necessarily tied directly to a subject curriculum. It takes place over the entirety of the DP. It is about personal growth and finding a good work/life balance.  The key with CAS is a focus on growth and learning through a reflection process. This means that students set specific goals, document their progress, and then reflect on why they did or didn’t meet that goal. To complete CAS, students engage in 1) individual CAS experiences and 2) a group project. For both, they document their activities and share in a celebration at the end of the process.

See the links below for relevant websites and documents.

Extended Essay

***EE Resource Library***

EE Alumni Presentations 2021

Video – Choosing Credible Resources for Research

Video – Finding Scholarly Sources

Video – Research and Notetaking (made for the History IA but relevant to EE)



CAS Guide

EXAMPLES – Reflections on CAS Experiences

Example A 2020

Example B 2020

Example C 2021

Example D 2021

EXAMPLES – Group Projects

Example E 2020

Example F 2020

Example G 2021

Note – they do not have to be PowerPoints. They could be any number of things, including online blogs, journals, artistic and visual representations etc – I just don’t have good examples of those that I can easily display here!

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