22F PB Course Notes/Links

Unit 5 – Urban Places

Article – To Build the Cities of the Future We Must Get Out of Our Cars

Notes – Urban Remote Rural

PPT – Urban Land Use

Article – Winnipeg 1957 Urban Sprawl

Article – 2012 Urban Sprawl Article

Unit 4 – Food from the Land

PPT – Food From the Land

Article – Nat Geo Feed the World

Unit 3 – Industry and Trade

Notes – Levels of Industry

Assignment – Levels of Industry

Assignment – Industry and Trade Map Analysis

Assignment – International Trade and Canada 2020

Activity – Statements about Locations of Industry

PPT – A Brief History of Trade

Notes Guide – Canada and Foreign Trade

Notes – Globalization


Unit 2 – Natural Resources

Energy in the News Assignment – Powering our Lives

PPT – Energy Resource

Notes – Fracking

Forestry Harvesting Methods

PPT – Forestry

Blood Diamond Assignment

Unit 1 – Geographic Literacy Notes and Links

Worldometer – real time global population statistics and other data

Earth Processes and Landforms – slideshow with notes, images, and maps to review our work on physical geography.

Plate Boundaries – handout with information on the landforms created at different plate boundaries

Weathering and Erosion – handout with definitions and examples of weathering, erosion, and deposition as well as associated landform features.

PPT – Demography – Class notes (includes maps and graphs)

Demographic Statistics –Class notes and definitions

Watersheds Contest

Click here for the contest website

Click here for tips and templates.  There is also a workbook that you can use to get an idea  of how to do the budget and layout your proposal.

Click here for a past winning example from Miles Mac.

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